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Registration of Service Wishes

We have created this unique and completely free service because we recognise that families sometimes struggle with choices for funeral arrangements.

We ask you, would your family know what your funeral wishes were? Could they answer the following simple questions?

  • What do you want, burial, cremation, green funeral, other?
  • What type of service ? Any service, memorial service, wake, celebration of your life
  • What songs, messages, themes?
  • Who do you want to attend?

To have a copy of their relative’s wishes makes the organisation of the funeral easier at a time when there are so many other things to think about.

Our form allows anyone to plan their own funeral and set down any wishes they may have regarding their final arrangements, guests that might be invited, music choices, flowers and donations, also options that they do not want.

When the form is completed return it in the self addressed envelope, we will keep it safe and we will issue two identical ‘credit type’ cards.

The cards have a unique number and has the message:

In the event of my death please notify Colin J Wright, Independent Funeral Directors, who have registered my wishes about my final arrangements and who will release a copy of those wishes without obligation on production of this card.

One of these cards could be retained and the second given to a next of kin, nursing home Solicitor, Minister of religion or other appropriate person.

Contact us and we will help you register your wishes – a free service.

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